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untitled love

I used to think that love was just a game
but every time you said my name
the clouds would part and the sun would shine down
kissing me from ear to ear
a warmth would wash over me and
laughter would thunder from a place so deep
it even wore my sin thin
I used to think our love was magic
a sort of mystery or secret society
that once those doors were opened
you were in
love crept on me so gently this time
my heart had barely adjusted to its freedom
when it felt that missed beat kick in
you were it
the missing punctuation in all of my stories
the air that seemed stifled
you became its release
breathing into me life
reminding me of all the reasons I am, that we exist to be
its like you molded my bones and sewed them together
carefully buried my heart for no one to find
dug your hands into the dirt, painted on my skin
washed from me all the ugliness, all the hurt,
all the pain that used to be
that’s what I used to feel every time you said my name
every time the clouds would part
when I hoped love was just a game

1 year ago
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There are times in life
where a single brush of skin
can change everything.

-tyler knott gregson-

picture i took at the mfa boston

picture i took at the mfa boston

1 year ago
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